Shandong put 1,556 yuan into R&D last year

来源 时间:2017-10-12 15:41:43

Research and development (R&D) investment is one of the key indices for evaluating the level and capability of local technology development. On October 10, China’s National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance released the National Science and Technology Funds Bulletin of 2016.

The national total research input hit a record high of 1,567.67 billion yuan in 2016, up 10.6% year on year, the bulletin data showed.

Shandong claimed the third place in the bulletin with 1,566 yuan R&D spending, behind Guandong with 2,035 yuan and Jiangsu with 2,026 yuan. Since theR&D spending of Shandong exceeded one hundred billion yuan in 2012 for the first time, the number keeps increasing year after year. This is the first time Shandong exceeded Beijing to rank in third place.

Who pays for the substantial investment in R&D? Actually, enterprises, government research organizations and universities were three main executive subjects. Statistics shows that the R&D spending proportions of enterprises, governmentresearchorganizations and universities account for 77.5%, 14.4% and 6.8% respectively in 2016. Enterprises spent 1,200 thousand billion yuan in R&D last year, an increase of 11.6%. 2.38% of the funds from enterprises are invested in the manufacturing of railway, shipping, aerospace and other transportation facilities while 1.96% is in the manufacturing of instrument and apparatus.