Yantai police accepting video calls

来源:China Plus 时间:2018-01-11 09:41:55

The Public Security Bureau in the city of Yantai in Shandong Province has launched a new live-streaming video call system "@110" January 10, 2018 reports thepaper.cn.

The new system will allow police to accept round-the-clock emergency video calls with the help of Tencent Cloud.

Police are suggesting that the "@110" video option may end up helping deter the offenders from committing crimes.

The system is also being promoted as a way to avoid scams, as "@110" contact will allow police to automatically freeze payment information, which is time-saving compared with traditional methods, reports thepaper.cn.

The WeChat account of Yantai's PSB currently has over two million followers, ranking first among Public Security Bureaus in China.