Shandong to open green channel for high-level personnel

来源 时间:2018-01-11 15:19:15

Though Shandong comes out in front of the total amount of talent resources, it is really short of high-level personnel. It’s reported that Shandong has launched a series of favorable policies for high-level talent introduction.

Shandong now has 49 academicians (Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering), accounting for 3% of the national total and less than half that of Jiangsu Province. It owns 205 experts of national “Thousand Talent Plan”, accounting for only 2.92% of the national total and about one-third that of Zhejiang Province.

The underutilization of the talent development carrier is the main reason for brain drain. On one hand, Shandong has very few state-owned and high-level universities and research institutes and lacks of carriers for pooling talents. On the other hand, Shandong is now still dominated by traditional industry and sees a large gap in the amount and scale of high-tech enterprises.

This year, Shandong will insist on deepening the system and mechanism of talent development, stepping up efforts to draw talents, retaining talents and making a good use of talents, and building new advantages of policy, institution and service for talents.

Shandong will further carry out the major projects for talent development, do a good job in the recommendation and selection of high-level and leading personnel, and promote the construction of connotation and characteristic development of vocational schools.

At the same time, Shandong is going to intensify the construction of talent troop at grass-roots level, breathe new life into grass-roots level, open a green channel for high-level personnel and build a service commissioner system for talents aiming to provide high-level personnel with a nanny-style service.