Jinan to cover all districts with elderly care centers

来源:sdchina.com 时间:2018-01-12 13:30:39

Jinan, currently, has a total of 14 comprehensive community elderly care service agencies, 266 urban day care centers and 802 elderly care courtyards in villages, according to Jia Jihua, deputy section chief of Jinan social welfare and charity promotion department. As of 2020, it is anticipated that elderly care centers will cover all counties and districts in Jinan.

In recent years, Jinan has made breakthroughs in providing the elderly population with proper care. Six districts including Lixia District have launched information platforms for home-based and community-level elderly service. The city and district-level platforms of this kind are expected to achieve a full coverage. 14 elderly care centers have been put into use in Lixia District.

By 2020, Jinan strives to cover all levels with elderly care centers, build 100 comprehensive block elderly care service agencies, 500 community service facilities and 1200 rural elderly care courtyards.

Next, Jinan plans to entrust the operation of home-based elderly care centers to professional institutes. New communities are required to strengthen the construction of elderly care facilities as well as the transfer and management of their operation, aiming to push forward the socialization and specialization of elderly care service while giving full play to the role of social forces.