Shandong releases preferential tax policies to promote shift in development driving forces

来源 时间:2018-11-07 14:52:54

Recently, in accordance with the principle of “comprehensive, concise, accurate and convenient”, the finance bureau and taxation bureau of Shandong have jointly collected and sorted out the current preferential tax policies ending on 30 September, 2018. In particular, they have given an interpretation on the special preferential policies in Shandong’s overall planning on building a comprehensive pilot area for the transformation of driving forces which have approved by the State Council.

At the same time, Shandong has already compiled a handbook of the preferential tax policies for shifting the old development driving forces into new, which will be easy for taxpayers and investors to keep abreast with relevant preferential tax policies and contribute to Shandong’s high-level economic development.

The handbook consists of more than 200 tax policies in two parts. Part one is composed of the preferential tax policies for the top ten industries of the shift in development driving forces while part two is about the inclusive preferential tax policies for shifting development driving forces.

In order to facilitate readers to quickly master the key contents of the polices, the handbook has standardized names of each preferential policy and give a brief explanation to the subject, preferential content, condition and policy basis of each policy.

The handbook can be found on the official website and the Wechat account of Shandong Provincial Finance Bureau.