Safe production team conducts inspection in Qingdao Hi-tech Zone

来源 时间:2018-11-07 15:09:06

The second inspection team of Qingdao municipal government headed by Zhang Chongbin, an inspection commissioner of the municipal government, conducted an inspection in Hongdao Economic Zone on November 2, accompanied by Wang Zheng, a member of the working committee of Qingdao Hi-tech Zone.

The inspection team carried out an inspection on the safe production of Qingdao Experimental School, JCMC and Qingdao Xianjunlong Color Painting Co.,Ltd. After inspection, the team asked enterprises to raise the sense of responsibility and pay close attention to safe production; fully understand the severity of safe production in the fourth quarter and ensure production safety; and authorities should publicize knowledge of safe production and provide quality service for enterprises.

The team also reviewed Hongdao Economic Zone's implementation of the 6th meeting of Qingdao Administration of Work Safety and the video conference of Qingdao Municipal Safe Production. Key works should be fully carried out such as special rectification in key industries and fields and the building of a dual prevention system for risks and hidden dangers.