Screen time for "King of Glory" cut in half for minors, says Tencent

来源:China Plus 时间:2018-11-08 10:00:38

China's Internet giant Tencent announced on Tuesday that the number of hours of gaming time for its hit mobile game "King of Glory" among people under 18 years of age had been cut in half, reports the

Ma Xiaoyi, Tencent's senior vice president, attributes the reduction in screen time to the company's efforts to limit access to the game by minors by using a filter the company launched last year.

In order to play the game, users have to register using their national ID card, and their identity is then verified by facial recognition. Player who are under the age of 18 automatically have their playing time limited, in a move that Tencent said aims to tackle the problem of addictive gaming behavior.

Tencent is planning to extend its age-based filter to all of its online games next year.