Company's benevolence and filial piety culture impresses foreign students

来源 时间:2018-11-09 14:57:17

Over one hundred overseas students from Shandong University, Shandong Normal University and University of Jinan visited Chambroad Holding Group on November 9, where they were deeply impressed by the company's corporate culture, benevolence and filial piety.

In Chambroad Holding Group, the foreign students, members of the "experience China in dynamic Shandong" activity visited the museum showcasing its history and enterprise development and the museum of culture and art. With benevolence and filial piety culture as the core, Chambroad runs in the traditional Chinese wisdom.

Entering the company, the first thing to come into sight is the statues of Confucius and his disciples. The industrial park features a strong cultural atmosphere. Senior executives of Chambroad can skillfully apply the concepts of Chinese classics to daily management. Employees of Chambroad can recite traditional Chinese classics and all of them are practitioners of Chambrod culture and disseminators of positive energy.

Chambroad Art and Culture Museum boasts seven series of collections. Couplet calligraphy is an important and unique art form and carrier of Chinese culture and highlights high aesthetic and historical values. However, China now does not have a world-class couplets museum. "We want to do something in the protection of cultural heritage when we have the ability, " said Ma Junsheng, chairman of the board of Chambroad. And because of this simple idea, Chambroad has built the first private museum in Binzhou combining the functions of cultural relics collection, academic research and cultural education.

In line with the philosophy of protecting and carrying forward traditional Chinese culture, Chambroad will continue to take active measures to build a platform for cultural protection and communication.