Shandong to build visiting system for left-behind elderly

来源 时间:2019-01-11 15:52:52

Shandong is committed to furthering the combination of health care and the pension system, completing the nursing system for the old people, intensifying services for the disabled elderly people, establishing a visiting system for left-behind elderly people in rural areas and implementing the subsidy system for the elderly in financial difficulties, according to the provincial civil affairs working conference held on January 10, 2019.

According the arrangement, this year, Shandong will explore ways to establish a social assistance system that combines basic living allowance, cash and in-kind assistance for ensuring the basic life of the most needy people, and assistance service. Shandong will adjust the system dynamically according to the price level to ensure the centralized support for the poverty-stricken people to over 40%.

The province plans to deepen the pilot of comprehensive reform of social assistance, reinforce the connection between subsistence allowance system and poverty alleviation and development policy, optimize the natural growth mechanism of minimum living standard, and ensure that the standard of basic living allowance for rural residents is higher than the annual poverty alleviation standard set by the province.

In addition, Shandong will step up efforts to provide temporary assistance and carry out the model of “graded approval and salvation in advance” to relieve the sudden, urgent and temporary basic living difficulties of the poverty-stricken population.

At the same time, the province promises to make solid progress in constructing the system of elderly care service, revising and improving the subsidy program of provincial-level pension service industrial special fund, supporting the improvement of facilities for the aged in communities, and developing community service system for the aged. The province strives to build 200 new day care centers and 600 rural happiness homes within the year.