Shandong launches vocational skill improvement program

来源 时间:2019-08-09 11:46:24

In accordance with the implementation plan of the vocational skill upgrading action, Shandong will conduct subsidized vocational skill training for more than 3 million person-times from 2019 to 2021, with the focus on solving problems including "who will be trained" "who will carry out the training" "how to train" and "how to subsidize".

By 2021, skilled workers will account for more than 25 percent of the total employment personnel in Shandong, and highly skilled talents will make up more than 30 percent of the skilled workers.

Shandong will set up multiple vocational skill training carriers, strengthen the basic capacity building of vocational skill training, and implement the subsidy policy of vocational training. The campaign will be carried out step by step, and the scope of trainees will be expanded to college students and employees in high-risk industries. Colorful training courses with Shandong characteristics are scheduled to open such as the special training for small, medium and micro enterprises and the "three one" ability training for college students.

In terms of training mode, Shandong will implement a mode that involves employers, government, employees, and training institutions. For training projects, cities in Shandong will formulate and publish their local directories including the guidance directory for vocational skill training in key industries, the directory for general vocational skill training, the directory for training needs of laborers and the directory for vocational skill training institutions, and unify the subsidy standards based on the city's industrial development and employment needs.