Shandong to complete emergency management system in 2021

来源 时间:2019-08-15 14:48:11

The general office of Shandong Provincial Government recently issued the Three-year Plan for Emergency Management in Shandong Province (2019-2021), putting forward 17 classified goals in three aspects to be achieved in 2021.

In terms of safe production, the death toll will reduce by 18 percent in production safety accidents for every 100 million yuan provincial total output value; the death rate per 10,000 vehicles of road traffic decrease by seven percent; the mortality down by 11.4 percent in production safety accidents per 100,000 industrial and mining employees, and the death rate per million tons of coal mines will be kept below 0.3, striving to reach 0.1.

In disaster prevention and control, the average annual direct economic losses caused by disaster will be kept below one percent of the province's gross value of production; the average annual death toll caused by disaster per million will be within one; the average annual direct economic losses led by flood and drought will take up less than 0.45 percent and 0.8 percent respectively of the province's total output value; the forest fire casualty rate will be within 0.9 per thousand.

A provincial level emergency command center will be set up in Shandong as well as 5 regional emergency rescue centers and 24 provincial professional emergency rescue centers. Shandong will realize a full coverage of air rescue within a flight radius of 80 kilometers.

The ratio of urban fire rescue forces to urban population is expected to reach 0.4 per thousand; urban and rural areas of Shandong should acquire the capacity of bearing magnitude 6 earthquakes; main river courses and key sections of rivers will meet the national standards for flood control; forest fire extinguishing rate in 24 hours will reach 95 percent and above; victims in natural disasters will receive initial relief within 12 hours and basic living assistance within 24 hours.