Shandong sends 9th medical team to Hubei to combat novel coronavirus

来源 时间:2020-02-12 14:13:23

On Feb. 11, the 129 members of the ninth medical team from Shandong province took off from Jinan Airport on Flight SC9001 to Hubei. By far, Shandong has sent a total of 1,375 medical personnel to support Wuhan, and the ninth medical team has for the first time invited two mental health experts from Shandong Mental Health Center.

The ninth medical team consists of 119 medical personnel and 10 command crew, including 12 doctors to support Wuhan and 107 medical personnel to support Huanggang. The medical team includes 45 doctors, 67 nurses and 7 CDC members from 46 medical and health institutions.

One of the mental health experts said that they divided the local population of Huanggang into four groups: patients in serious condition, patients with mild symptoms, medical personnel and healthy population, which may have different psychological stresses. In this regard, the mental health experts will help them relieve mental anxiety and stress through related psychotropic drugs and psychological counseling.