Wang Zhen makes on-site inspection of businesses resumed amid novel coronavirus battle

来源 时间:2020-02-13 16:38:32

From Feb. 9 to 10, Wang Zhen, vice director of the management committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone, led a group to carry out a special inspection on prevention and control of the epidemic in ten industrial and commercial enterprises.

On Feb. 9, Wang Zhen and the group inspected four enterprises above the scale, including Solvay Fine Chemical Company and Kinger Robot Company, to supervise the the staff structure of the enterprise and the staff gathering area such as canteen and dormitory. On Feb. 10, Wang Zhen and the group went ot six medium and small enterprises for on-site inspection. During two-day inspection, they put forward 12 rectification requirements, and issued 6 rectification notices to the enterprises. Wang Zhen called on the enterprises to strictly implement the requirements for the epidemic prevention and control and instruct the workers to strengthen self-protection, and strive to win the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak. During the inspection Wang Zhen also carried out research on the problems and difficulties in the enterprise's resumption of production, and made relevant work arrangements.