Qingdao launches new modes of administrative approval amid the epidemic

来源:sdchina.com 时间:2020-02-17 14:14:07

As enterprises resume work and production, business gradually increases including corporate registration, and examination and approval of the investment and construction industry in Qingdao High-tech Zone. The administrative examination and approval service department of Qingdao High-tech Zone, focusing on the requirement of "strengthening both the prevention and control of the epidemic and the examination and approval service", has taken the initiative to launch six new service modes to avoid face-to-face contact, so as to provide quality and efficient services during the special period.

Qingdao High-tech Zone made public the office and consultation phone numbers, as well as standards for the application of approval items through platforms such as the online micro hall of administrative examination and approval and Shandong government service network. Offline face-to-face consultations have been transferred online taking advantage of hotlines and WeChat.

Online declaration and preliminary review. Enterprises submit application materials through the Shandong government service network. Official staff members conduct preliminary examination of the materials by contacting with enterprises via phone or WeChat.

Enterprises meeting the inspection conditions are encouraged to receive real-time remote video inspection on site so as to minimize the flow of personnel and ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic.

The zone has also sorted out and released "zero-base" templates for high-frequency approval items, clarified the list of approval requirements, and ensured the approval time limit. Consultation and service phone numbers and contact persons are released synchronously to guarantee the smooth running of administrative examination business.

Application materials, certificates and other materials are sent by two-way free express delivery.

For items lacking major materials, or construction items meeting the condition of "temporarily tolerate", governmental departments take the initiative to inform enterprises the requirements of the commitment system to ensure the timely issuance of the certificate.