60% transportation projects under construction in Shandong resume construction

来源:sdchina.com 时间:2020-02-17 16:05:52

According to Shandong Provincial Transportation Department, 50 out of 81 sections of 54 key transportation projects under construction in Shandong have resumed construction, with a resumption rate of 62% and 22,735 on-site personnel.

Since the epidemic outbreak, units at all levels have made great efforts to prevent the spread of the epidemic while ensure the smooth traffic. The province has carried out an overall investigation on the traffic situation, closed the main expressway and the main entrance to the urban areas, ensured the traffic flow of ordinary highways, and taken a variety of measures to improve the efficiency of highway inspection to ensure a smooth road system.

Shandong province has spared no efforts to guarantee the transport of important materials. The province requires localities to include important industrial and agricultural production materials such as coal, oil and gas, agricultural materials, as well as import and export goods, postal and express delivery vehicles in the transport category of important materials, giving priority to ensure the passage. As of Feb. 15, the province has organized 1,836 emergency vehicles, carrying 35,300 tons of anti-epidemic materials and 2,406 tons of living supplies.