Shandong launches policy packages for employment and entrepreneurship

来源 时间:2020-03-20 16:17:01

To help enterprises to resume production and stabilize and expand employment, Shandong Human Resources and Social Security Department comprehensively reviewed the newly-launched employment and entrepreneurship policies, and packaged them by region, group and category. The policies were divided into “six gift packages”, which are the package for enterprise, package for project, package for rural area, package for community, package for university and package for individual.

Each gift package is clear about the content of policy support, content of assistance services, and the path and channels for the implementation of policies and the delivery of services. The package for enterprise, package for project, package for community and package for rural area will be distributed to enterprises, projects, communities and rural areas in combination with the ongoing crucial action on developing enterprises, projects, rural areas and communities. The package for university and package for individual will be delivered to college graduates and other workers through carrying out employment activities on campus and provide services to the disadvantaged groups relying on grassroots network.

In the future, the department will timely optimize the six gift packages according to national and provincial policy adjustment, so as to better serve the development of enterprises and solve the problem of employment.