Zhong Nanshan shares experience with European experts on coronavirus control

来源:CGTN 时间:2020-03-26 09:22:23

Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan joined a video conference with several European experts on Thursday afternoon, sharing China's experience in fighting the novel coronavirus, which has affected over 400,000 people in the world.

Experts from countries including Germany, Italy, the UK and Romania also exchanged views on measures and strategies that have been taken in their countries to contain the virus.

They also discussed virus diagnosis and medical treatment plans as well as the protection experience of medical staff.

At the meeting, Zhong warned foreign experts that COVID-19 has a high fatality rate and is highly contagious, even for asymptomatic virus-carriers. And patients who are in the early stage are likely to infect more people.

Zhong also noted the importance of keeping waste pipes unobstructed as the novel coronavirus may spread through drainage systems.

The global pandemic is now raging on continents with 170 countries and regions.