Customs in Shandong give top priority to preventing imported COVID-19 cases

来源 时间:2020-04-02 14:48:14

The customs authorities in Qingdao and Jinan make preventing imported COVID-19 cases the top priority in their current work. Various measures have been taken to curb the spread of the pandemic through ports of entry.

The province carries out the verification of health declaration card, screening of temperature monitoring, medical inspection, epidemiological screening, medical screening, and laboratory for all inbound personnel.

All confirmed cases, suspected cases, symptomatic persons and close contacts will be transferred to the local joint prevention and control mechanism for follow-up treatment in accordance with relevant regulations.

So far, Shandong has achieved eight 100%: 100% of quarantine inspection for all inbound flights, 100% of health declaration verification for all inbound personnel, 100% of medical inspection, 100% of twice temperature monitoring, 100% of medical inspection, 100% of epidemiological investigation, 100% of sampling nucleic acid testing, and 100% of transfering to local joint prevention and control mechanism by regulations.

Next, the customs will step up efforts to carry out precise analysis and control, strictly enforce health declaration, strengthen temperature monitoring, carry out flow survey scientifically, and standardize the sampling testing, as well as continuously improve the port detection capacity, further complete the construction of joint prevention and control mechanism with localities, and enhance cooperation in data sharing, personnel disposal and epidemic prevention and control, so as to contribute customs’ strength to winning the people’s war, the general war and the resistance war against COVID-19.