Shandong promotes original innovation through financing sci-tech awards

来源 时间:2020-07-13 16:25:35

Recently, the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance has allocated 42.5 million yuan of provincial science and technology awards for the year 2019, won by a total of 245 projects and candidates, including one winner of the highest award, 31, 92 and 118 projects winning the first, second and third prizes, and 3 candidates winning the international sci-tech cooperation awards.

The awarding features high relevance to industrial development, high weight carried by enterprises in innovation, fruitful outcomes in emerging industries and high quality of project outcomes. Of all the awarded projects, 70% are highly relevant to the “Top 10” industries, 65% are completed with the participation of enterprises, 50% are supported by the national science and technology program; 48% of the first award are won by projects in the fields of electronic information, high-end equipment, new energy and new materials. This indicates that the integration of industry, training and research is taking effect, the principle role played by enterprises in innovation is strengthening, the innovation in emerging industries is gaining momentum, and the province’s capacity to undertake and transform national sci-tech program is enhancing.