'Starlight' show brings films to rural areas

来源:Global Times 时间:2020-07-31 10:19:00

The promotional material for Starlight Photo: Courtesy of CCTV-6

Chinese movie channel CCTV-6 announced on Wednesday that it will broadcast a special program on August 8 that seeks to screen films in China's rural areas. Starlight records the efforts of the Starlight campaign, which aims to help lift local people out of poverty and promote local specialties.

Joined by actors like Lin Yongjian, Guo Xiaodong and Bai Ke, the campaign not only screened popular films at outside venues - once an extremely common way to watch films in China decades ago - but also filmed various TV segments to introduce these areas to the rest of China.

The campaign has held events in Tengchong, Yunnan Province, Yinchuan, Ningxia Province and Fuping, Hebei Province.