Jinan holds 3rd supply & demand meeting on cultural industry

来源:sdchina.com 时间:2020-09-18 15:11:07

During the 1st China International Cultural Tourism Fair, the third Meeting on Supply and Demand of Jinan’s Cultural Industry was held.

At the meeting, Zhao Shanhai, deputy director of the Publicity Department of Jinan Municipal Party Committee delivered a keynote speech, stressing the need to make Jinan’s cartoon game industry bigger and stronger.

With the rapid development of Jinan’s cartoon game industry, a large number of influential outstanding innovative enterprises have emerged in the city, making great contributions to the development of its animation industry. In order to improve the efficiency of resource allocation, a total of 24 outstanding enterprises participated in the road show held during the meeting.

 The meeting is aimed at promoting the integrative development of culture and other industries and empowering the development of enterprises through the supply and demand platform built by the government for enterprises.