Shandong’s GDP to approach 10 trillion yuan during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period

来源 时间:2021-02-07 16:49:02

The second press conference of the 5th Session of the 13th Shandong Provincial People's Congress was held on the afternoon of February 6. According to the press conference, during the “14th Five Year Plan” period, Shandong's economic aggregate will reach a new level, with the province's GDP approaching 10 trillion yuan.

According to Guan Zhaoquan, deputy director and spokesperson of Shandong Development and Reform Commission, Shandong will achieve a breakthrough in modernization in the new era through five years of unremitting efforts, with remarkable optimization in its economic structure, initial establishment of modern industrial system, major improvement in the quality and benefits of development, basic completion of the building of a high-level innovative province. The proportion of basic research investment in research & development (R&D) investment will be increased to about 8% by 2025. Each unit of GDP will include more R&D intensity, economic density and output efficiency. Development with improved quality, efficiency, fairness, sustainability and safety will be realized.