Shandong to cultivate 10,000 digital commissioners to serve 1 million SMEs

来源 时间:2021-02-23 15:57:02

According to a press conference held by the Information Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government, Shandong will cultivate 10,000 digital commissioners in five years, to explore the needs of digital transformation, and provide professional “consultant + employee” service to 1 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) they make connection with, and to 100,000 SMEs directly.

According to An Wenjian, deputy director of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province, during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, Shandong has seized the major opportunity of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, established the “modern advantageous industry cluster + artificial intelligence” promotion mechanism, issued a series of policy documents, and saw Industrial Internet burgeoning and gaining momentum.

At present, Shandong has more than 70,000 enterprises with Dedicated Internet Access, 320,000 4G base stations, more than 51,000 5G base stations, and 9 identifier resolution secondary nodes, with Internet interconnectivity significantly enhanced. Shandong initiated the “cloud service coupon” subsidy system and issued more than 140 million yuan in subsidies.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Shandong will speed up the cultivation of a world-class industrial ecology for Industrial Internet leading in China. An Wenjian said that Shandong will accelerate the deployment of 5G, resolution secondary nodes, deterministic network, and build more than 30 industrial parks of Industrial Internet.