Coverage rate of tap water in rural areas in Shandong reaches 97%

来源 时间:2021-02-26 15:46:32

On the afternoon of February 25, the Information Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government held a press conference, inviting officials of the department of water resources to brief on Shandong’s two-year campaign on improving drinking water safety in rural areas.

According to Song Shuqiang, second-level inspector of the Water Resources Department of Shandong Province, all the targets and tasks set by the campaign have been completed, with the problems of drinking water faced by the poor fully solved, and water supply security for the rural people rapidly improved.

70,000 administrative villages in the province enjoy the full coverage of centralized water supply facilities for the first time, and the guarantee capability in dry years has been greatly improved. The drinking water of 1.979 million poor people was guaranteed high quality. Last year, all of the 16 cities had a full score for drinking water safety in the provincial evaluation and acceptance of poverty alleviation. Coverage rates of tap water and of centralized water supply in rural areas reached 97% and 97.5% respectively.