Shandong adds 40 provincial-level service industry innovation centers

来源 时间:2021-03-01 15:01:18

According to the Notice on the Announcement of Provincial-level Innovation Centers of the Service Industry in 2021, 40 enterprises, including Shandong E-government Big Data Innovation Center of Shandong Evay Information Technology Co. Ltd, were assessed as provincial-level service industry innovation centers of 2021.

In order to unswervingly implement the innovation-driven strategy and encourage the innovative development of the province’s service industry, since 2018, the provincial development and reform commission has carried out the identification of innovation centers for public service enterprises registered in the province with independent corporate capacity. The assessment lays emphasis on the nature of the subject of declaration, innovation team and institution setting, main business income, research and development investment, innovation results and other conditions. By the beginning of 2021, the province has identified 110 service industry innovation centers, involving industries like new-generation information technology, modern finance, and medical care and health. These enterprises are of strong innovation ability, outstanding innovation achievements and remarkable economic benefits. They are regarded benchmarks for the innovative development of new technologies, new industries, new business forms and new modes of the innovative development, which has injected new vitality into the work of serving economic development, promoting the transformation of old and new growth drivers and tightening the epidemic prevention and control.