Gen Z | “Post-95s” Policewoman Zong Xin

来源:Golden Bridge Magazine 时间:2022-08-12 15:57:46

Zong Xin, 26 years old, graduated from Shandong Police College, is a straightforward and competent “Post-95s” policewoman of six years’ standing. Now, she works at the Special Police Team of the Special & Patrol Police Detachment under the Weihai Municipal Public Security Bureau. Since joining the team, she has been holding herself to a high standard, and her training intensity is even higher than that of her male colleagues. Thus, she becomes the youngest “Female Sharpshooter” in Weihai’s public security system.

As a special police officer, she works in tough and dangerous circumstances, but she “has never regretted her choice”. With an original aspiration of “Safeguarding Weihai Diligently, Affectionately and Energetically”, she has been silently dedicating herself to the lasting peace and stability of this city.