Compassion across continents – China's response to Morocco's earthquake

来源:CGTN 时间:2023-09-15 13:50:29

In the aftermath of the devastating magnitude 6.8 earthquake that shook southern parts of Morocco on September 9, 2023, the world bore witness to an extraordinary display of humanity. This catastrophic event resulted in the loss of more than 2,900 lives and left over 5,600 individuals with various degrees of injuries. Amidst this dire calamity, the Chinese population in Morocco, comprising both residents and visitors, distinguished themselves as exemplars of empathy and altruism.

Reflecting the close ties between states, Chinese President Xi Jinping swiftly conveyed his condolences to King Mohammed VI of Morocco. On behalf of the Chinese government and people, President Xi sent a message of deep condolences to the relatives of the deceased and the injured. This compassionate act served to emphasize China's resolve to support Morocco in its hour of need.

Several Chinese citizens living in Morocco at the time of the earthquake shared their personal experiences of the calamity. Many of them voluntarily offered their services to help the quake victims and their families, providing vital medical care, financial support, and the transportation of necessary supplies. In these dire circumstances, these selfless gestures of support demonstrated the depth of the bonds that exist between the Chinese community in Morocco and their Moroccan neighbors.

In times of crisis, humanity often reveals its true character. The Chinese individuals who stayed up to help in Morocco's time of need show the highest standards of humanity. From scholars, politicians, and diplomats to common citizens, their genuine opinions on the significance of these historical occasions attest to the lasting spirit of togetherness. These activities not only demonstrate the extraordinary persistence of the human spirit but also provide hope for a brighter future by drawing on past lessons and committing to compassionate action in the present.

China's commitment to assisting Morocco in its time of need goes beyond individual acts of generosity. The country has mobilized its resources to deliver essential assistance to the areas most seriously impacted by the earthquake, particularly the Al Haouz district, located 50 kilometers south of Marrakesh.

The Red Cross Society of China has announced that it will provide the Moroccan Red Crescent with financial emergency humanitarian assistance worth $200,000. Furthermore, the China International Development Cooperation Agency has stated its willingness to provide additional emergency humanitarian relief in response to the growing needs of people most affected by the disaster. This commitment demonstrates China's determination to assist Morocco in its recovery from this catastrophe.

During a press conference held recently, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning underlined China's unflinching support, saying, "China stands ready to continue to provide help to Morocco in light of its needs, to the best of our capability." This solidarity vow conveys a strong message of goodwill and collaboration between these two nations, transcending boundaries and geographical distances.

The earthquake was a very emotional experience for Chinese people living in Morocco, characterized by fear, tears, relief and an intense desire to aid their fellow humans. Their efforts in the face of adversity represent the virtues of compassion, selflessness, and unity that should inspire us all. Their unwavering dedication to assisting the people of Morocco during this difficult time demonstrates the enduring tie between nations and the power of humanity to unite in the face of catastrophe.

As we reflect on the events surrounding the tragic earthquake in Morocco, let us remember and celebrate the extraordinary acts of kindness and support extended by the Chinese community in Morocco. Allowing their acts of kindness to serve as a reminder that in times of distress, humanity knows no bounds and compassion knows no boundaries. History has proven a wonderful and enduring truth: We are all neighbors on our interconnected planet, and our collective strength resides in our ability to stand together in times of need.