Expats enjoy joy of harvest in Ningyang, Tai’an

来源:sdchina.com 时间:2023-10-11 15:40:09

An expats’ experience activity theming on “Building a Qilu model of rural revitalization -- every village has a good opera” visited Ningyang, Tai’an recently. Foreign friends explored the long and rich history and culture of Ningyang, and experience the farmers’ joy of harvest and the agricultural development of the county.

In the pottery art exhibition area of Ningyang Museum, potteries decorated with various patterns are dazzling. Animal pottery looks vivid and exquisite, making them not only practical utensils, but also artistic and charming, with a naive and lively images. Foreign friends marveled at the superb level of pottery handicraft of Dawenkou ancestors.

Bereket Merkine Gebresilase, from Ethiopia, said: “When I see these Chinese cultures, I can’t help thinking of cultures of my own country. I feel that there are a lot of similarities between them, and these exquisite relics give me a wonderful sense of deja vu.”

The Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, the Yellow River Bazaar and other activities have brought together Ningyang’s highly praised products, intangible heritage cultural tourism products, special agricultural products, well-known industrial products exhibition and sales activities, and carried out e-commerce live-streaming marketing and special agricultural products competition activities, aiming to display the special and excellent products at a full range and raise the market image of cultural tourism in Ningyang.


They experienced handmade products and intangible cultural heritage on the site. In the special agricultural products exhibition area, they also tasted a variety of melons and fruits. After tasting jujube, Kamal Ahmed Khan, from Pakistan, said: “In my country, there are many similar fruits, but these from China have a unique taste. Jujube here is really sweet and different from those I have eaten before.”


The “2023 Ningyang Cricket World Cup” competition was held. “Watching crickets duel is really interesting, but what I admired most is the people who can make the crickets move to fight.” Bereket Merkine Gebresilase   said excitedly.